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Do you like pumpkin spice?

Did you realize that as soon as summer becomes bearable it seems that fall shows its first signs and ‘pumpkin spice’ shows up?! At first it seems a little early as we still enjoy the summer breeze and I hesitate... It’s hard to believe time is passing so fast and summer is over.

Have you ever wondered how the season or the weather influences your feelings, your tastes? I definitely go through some transformation, as I reflect on what is left of the year with all its anticipations, good or bad. Smells and tastes serve as a powerful booster… no words needed, but we are instantaneously beamed to other places. Sometimes wonderful memories.

I personally don’t fancy pumpkin spice but I love what it stands for… to me it announces that despite all the small things that we may get anxious about, the seasons still change and life goes on. The leaves still change colors, the air still starts smelling like burning wood, coffee and cakes start tasting like pumpkin spice…

So this Thanksgiving season, when things may get a little stressful, try to take a deep breath and be mindful of the smells around you. Take note of how the seasons are changing around you, and remember to enjoy some pumpkin spice treats!

What are your favorite autumn smells? Comment below!

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