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Is Change Possible?

I am often asked, is change possible?
What do you think?
….Can you teach an old dog new trick?

YES ! Everyone has the ability to change! The question isn’t really whether you can change,
But: do you want to change, and have you got the skills it takes?

Change is not easy! It has many layers. What I mean above is that change has to come from within you. Sometimes we need to ask and understand: Are we willing to give up the old behaviors or habits, before we can approach change. It’s not a big deal to do things differently for a few days or weeks; We all have been on diets or followed new workout regiments. But it generally does not last for very long…
Permanent change, especially if emotions are involved, is more than that. It takes work and dedication to induce and maintain lasting change. Often, we hold on to old behavior patterns- even if they don’t work for us! The truth is, that sometimes we have little awareness of what we do. In other words, the barriers to change may lay within you.

Are there changes you desire?
Are there changes that could improve your emotional well-being?
It can be hard to figure out alone….But you don’t have to do this alone.
Together we can work on developing the tools and skills needed for your personal and emotional health.
Everyone has the ability to grow!
Take care…. Because your Happiness matters.

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