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How to Face Social Isolation

In these recent trying times, it can be difficult to even fathom where to begin mentally and emotionally preparing yourselves for what lies ahead. 

It’s a good idea to create an action plan and put strategies in place to improve your ‘long distance’ communications. Often, we focus keenly on the daily necessities and ignore or easily overlook the importance of our emotional needs. 

When you start planning, I encourage you to include ‘all’ family members -including your friends. All too often, when the going gets tough we forget to include our children in this process. However, if you have children, keep in mind that this needs to be done at a child appropriate level -I will talk about this separately.

Regarding your emotional network start by thinking of what tools you need in order to maintain your network and relationships with your loved ones and friends.

Today more than ever we are able to use our devices to stay in touch. Check your phones, tablets and computers etc., to see if you have the equipment to keep them powered and check if there are Apps you need to have to stay in touch.

If you don’t have them already, this is the time to download the Apps and familiarize yourself with ‘how to use them’. If you have elderly family members who you need to maintain contact with, make sure they have the same Apps and know how to use them. You may want to go through several trial runs with them.


Remember, we are human being and have commiserated for as long as humanity exists. We gather strength from each other: we celebrate life and laugh and cry together! I cannot emphasize enough how important the contact with others is: being there, listening and sharing a kind word can be magical especially when worries and sorrow reign our thoughts in times of uncertainty.  


If you are finding these days especially challenging and lonely, and you have difficulties to regulate your anxiety. Please consider reaching out- you don’t have to be in this alone. Feel free to contact me. I am here to help.  

Please take care of yourself … Because Your Happiness Matters

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