Can my anxiety make me sick, or why should I seek therapy?

In today’s world it’s impossible to avoid stress completely, no matter how hard we try! Every day we face situations that trigger stress, tension or anxiety.

How do I manage the stress? What if my anxiety becomes overwhelming?

While stress and anxiety can be normal emotional responses, heightened levels of stress for prolonged periods have been linked to many serious health issues ranging from impacting your immunity to cardiovascular diseases and depression. In light of this, especially with the daily challenges of this pandemic learning how to reduce your anxiety is more important than ever.

How do I know if my anxiety has become overwhelming? Here are the questions to ask your self:

  • A. When you reflect on stressors or your triggers, are you able to laugh it off?
  • B. Or do you obsess about it over and over, unable to move on?
  • A. When you open up to others, do you walk away feeling good?
  • B. Or are your worries still lingering?
  • A. Does checking media, or news alleviate your fears?
  • B. Or are you stuck, unable to take a break from media?
  • A. When you attempt to relax or fall asleep, are you able to withdraw?
  • B. Or are you unable to return to calm, tossing and turning having difficulties to fall  asleep?
  • A. Do your interactions with your friends and loved ones sooth and make you happy?
  • B. Or do you find yourself responding irritated or weepy, more than usual?

If you recognize yourself in section B, therapy can help. Talking with a therapist is helpful in recognizing the stressors and changing the ways you react. Ultimately leading to a healthier and happier life. Take the opportunity to care for yourself today and reach out

… Because your Happiness Matters!

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