Are you a worrier?

What I mean is... do you worry much?
….How is this working for you?

I often get asked what to do about worrying especially during the holiday season. Have you noticed that much of us worry about things that happened in the past or events and things that we anticipate will happen in the future?

The truth is that no one can change the past, what has happened, occurred! We are not able to go back in time and change things, no matter how much we sometimes wish we could. Similarly, we are unable to predict the future, even though humanity has tried basically for as long as we have existed! The famous author Mark Twain once said “I have had lots of worries in my life, most of which never happened…..” Think about it…. rings true for most of us, doesn’t it?

This does not mean that you should not reflect about your actions or think through what is coming up in your life. The skill to reflect is important, especially when we need to learn or correct our behavior. It’s a valuable process and will affect our days, our relationships and achievements, etc. However, when worrying is not stimulating growth or improvement but induces stress, it can feel paralyzing and negatively affect how you enjoy your activities, friends or family… it can even ruin the holidays!

So stay in the NOW. Notice ALL the things not just what frustrates you. A little like the advertisement: make sure to smell the roses! Being mindful of the moment will allow you to enjoy the satisfaction. This way, you can see the beauty and sunshine on the road even when there are a bunch of speed bumps slowing you down!

Next time, I will be back with practical tips on how to manage stress!

Take care... Because your Happiness matters.

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