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Mind-Controlling Your Anxiety

When you experience stress, let your mind help you in lessening your anxiety. Your imagination is a very powerful tool. Our minds can control moods, emotions, and actions simply by creating or remembering pleasurable scenarios!

Have you noticed that you can look at a picture or photo and feel it radiate joy?

Try this the next time you feel anxiety rising:
Think of a happy experience or images. It does not actually have to be something you have personally experienced, it can also be a picture or photo that you like, and which makes you feel good. Some of us can recall these moments from memory only, others need to look at an actual image. It does not matter…. find out what works for YOU.

Go through some memories, choose a few pictures, photos or short videos from your phone or photo albums. What is important, is that it helps to bring you back to those moments and feelings. Take a couple of minutes and look at those images that make you smile, perhaps even laugh.

Prepare a photo gallery on your phone or keep copies in your wallet. Title these memories: “Snapshots of good sensations.” Sometimes it doesn’t take much to increase our happiness. A few simple things that perhaps we have forgotten can ground us and chase away the dread and worry.
Feel free to share your moments of happiness.
Take care of yourself… Because Your Happiness Matters.

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