21 Days of Happiness Challenge!

Are you also stricken by the Corona Blues? 

No, it’s not a song but something we are all experiencing. Thanks to self-quarantining and working from home many of us are stuck at home, day by day, hour by hour…its easy to fall into the bottomless pit of dark thoughts. 

I challenge you to 21 days of happy thoughts! 

It takes 21 days to establish new neuropaths in our brain. You can redirect your focus and with it experience more happiness. Each day, preferably before bed time, choose one thing you have experienced that day that made you happy. Write it down in a journal. When you think about the experience remember that happy feeling it induced and memorialize what it was and how you felt. 


If you find it difficult to start or find it difficult on your own – I am here to help. You don’t have to do this alone. 

Be mindful and kind to yourself …. Because your Happiness matters! 

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